June Favs – I forgot to post before I went away so I’ll post it in August!

Hi Guys,

So June has been such a busy month for me and surprisingly I didn’t purchase that much, or I didn’t purchase that many items that I love and believe should be included in my June favourites.



I have 2 items of clothing, 1 cosmetic item and 1 accessory for my June favourites, just a short and sweet post.



Although both of these items may not be seen as a “Summer” item, they are my favourite clothing purchase’s of June. I found last year that high waisted jeans were incredibly hard to find and purchase when I was in need of them the most, so although these jeans could look lovely with a floaty top or a crop top in the Summer, I have a  feeling they will also become a Winter essential for me. The material also has enough stretch for  comfortable movement throughout the day. They are Jamie Moto High Waisted Jeans from TopShop. 


The chunky heel ankle boots were £69.99 from Pavers, they are not something that I would go looking to buy but once I saw them they were a must purchase. Unlike other heels that I own the heels on these boots are very light and do not result in my leg aching from lifting a heavy heel. They are chestnut brown suede leather with strong warmths of red making them rather easy to pair with different outfits.



I am known for “giving in” and experimenting with recommended products. Maybelline Falsies Mascara is one of these products, and I can honestly say that I don’t regret the purchase, both myself and M love Benefit – They’re Real Mascara and we found that Benefit – They’re Real works better on M than it does on myself, however I have found that Maybelline for me has the same effect on my eyelashes that They’re Real does for M which is a fabulous result from a highstreet/drugstore mascara at £7.99.



My last item is the Silver ring that I purchased at Camden Market last week in London. (Myself and M have posted daily entries of our week in London below, check them out!) I have been looking for a new ring for a few months and this ring is now situated on my left thumb. I am also a sentimental person and this ring represents the end of college and the beginning of what I hope to be a fabulous Summer before I head off to Uni.



What were your favourite purchases of the month? Do you purchase things in Summer that you know will be best styles for Winter? 

Let me know

Have a good July!









Maybelline Color Sensation

We all have that last minute shopping that we undertake before we head off for a few days or a few weeks and one of my favourite “last minute” buys before I headed to Rhodes on 24th July was Coral Pearl 852 and Pink Hurricane 165 which are both from the Color Sensational Maybelline Collection.



The lipstick collection itself has 5 separate categories, these are the reds, plums, pinks, pearls and nudes.

I purchased 165 for myself and 852 for my Mum ( you will see below that my Mum adores this lipstick ) at £7.19 each. 





The swatch (below) on the left is Pink Hurricane 165 and the swatch on the right is Coral Pearl 852. 


165 has a warmer undertones that 825 however both are not massive statement pieces and are ideal for everyday use. The lipsticks are only slightly pigmented and both have a lovely shimmer after application. However due to the slight pigment they do need to be re-applied once or twice throughout the day. 



It is also nice to purchase an item that smells good. The smell of these Maybelline lipsticks reminds me personally of  coco butter/chocolate, they smell so good!


Have you purchased any Maybelline Lipsticks? Maybe from this collection, maybe from another? 

What has been your Summertime lipstick of this year? 

We would love to hear from you so let us know!





Re-discovering Essie – Bikini So Teeny

Hi Guys,


Before I went away I chose 3 Essie nail polishes to take to Greece with my, these were: 


  • A Blue shade Essie polish – Bikini So Teeny
  • A Purple shade Essie polish – To Buy Or Not To Buy
  • A Red/Coral shade Essie polish – Camera

I feel as though I have “re-discovered” these nail polishes and re-discovering does help us as bloggers to save money/ to get our moneys worth in the products that we purchase.


 Bikini So Teeny is from the 2012 Essie Summer Collection. 

To Buy Or Not To But is from Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection.

 Camera is from Essie’s Summer Poppy-Razzi Collection.


Bikini So Teeny



The pastel baby blue colour has an easy applicator as the brush is flat and gives a easy coverage of the nail. (shown below after just one coat)



However the glitter particles that you can see in the bottle are not transferred or appear on the nail which can be disappointing although in the light it does add to a pretty shine amongst the polish. The final shade of blue after two coats is that of a clear sky blue with a soft lilac undertone. The nail varnish dries rather quickly and doesn’t leave any streaks. 




Essie’s 2012 Summer Collection including Bikini So Teeny can still be purchased online at prices lower than Essie’s current collection prices so why not have a look online and see what you can find. 


To Buy Or Not To But is from Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection and Camera is from Essie’s Summer Poppy-Razzi Collection will both be featured in their own blog post following the structure and content of this one so make sure you look out for them! 


Do you own any Essie Polish? What is your favourite Essie Collection?

Have you “Re-discovered” any polish or beauty products this Summer?

Let us know






August/Summer Update

Hi Guys, 


Sorry for not posting the past 4 weeks, I (B) have been away with my family in Rhodes,Greece and it was lovely however I suffered with very limited internet access, I hope you forgive me for the lack of updates and posts.





I still have a month before I start university and many blog ideas lined up, including a unique post on fur fashion in Greece. Hopefully there will be a new one or maybe two by this evening, and of course blog posts will continue throughout university.


 Myself and M are going to continue/re-start a youtube channel and take you along for the journey as M is also undertaking a change and going to Art College. 




May Haul! – B

With it being exam season, one of the best stress relievers for me is shopping and often purchasing items that I don’t really need. I mean come on, we’ve all been there right? So I sorted through my purchases of May and chose my favourites to create a haul post for you. 

Hauls are fabulous little posts of bits and bobs that bloggers have been loving and in a way are recommending to you as readers! 

The photo above is my cosmetics haul. I decided to join many bloggers in exploring and purchasing from the online site of Fragrance Direct. To which I purchased two Calvin Klein lipsticks and Mojito Madness green nail polish by Essie. I am not a lipstick person, however I believe this statement is about to change after purchasing yet another lipstick; Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish which has fabulous pigmentation and are £5.49 each.  I purchased 05 which is a lovely rose pink with slight cool undertones. I am sure future posts will include me blogging to you about how I love lipstick. I think Summer is the ideal time to try out new brands and items. You have at least 6 weeks, so why not? 
My Essie nail varnish from Fragrance Direct was soon joined by Essie Go Ginza the pink nude. (Fourth in from the left at the back) Once again Summer is a time to experiment and painting your nails is definitely a way to make a statement and to often “jazz” up an outfit. I was also drawn to the bold orange and plum pink colours from L’Oreal  ( Lush Tangerine and Addictive Plum at £4.99 each). Also from L’Oreal I bought the Super Liner black eyeliner (£6.99), the nib of the liner is incredible and the precision is benefited by the long lid that rests perfectlybetween your thumb and finger. The lasting effect is effortless and you can build upon the thickness of the line to the style you prefer. 
I believe that blusher is a must have for Summer, you can switch between blusher and bronzer but both just add colour and bring “life” to you face. My Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher (£7.49) is actually a repurchase in shade 85 Sienne, which provides me with a natural glow. It is a powder blush and is described by Bourjois as “Ultra Fine And Easy To Blend Powder Blush”.
Staying on the topic of more natural looking make-up for Summer, I purchased No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Cappuccino for £6.50, as I used my £3 off No7 cosmetics voucher. The colours blend beautifully together and are lovely for a subtle eye look on their own. 
Next is Give Me Moisture VO5 hair conditioner, having recently dip-dyed my hair blonde I am finding it hard to keep the ends of my hair hydrated however this conditioner is working miracles on my hair. It is perfect for every other day use on natural or dyed hair.
And last but not least is the fragrance Just Pink Eau De Toilette from Next, which I received as a gift. It’s £10 for 75ml or £12 for Eau De Parfum. Just Pink is such anaffordable fragrance- whether you buy to a budget or not. Its light and the sweet scent is perfect for Summer!
I am really investing in nudes and pinks this summer and the high-street stores have some lovely lace clothing in these shades. Lace is yet again an essential for Summer and it never seems to be too far away from a  fashion designer’s new collection. The baby pink sleeved top is from Dorothy Perkins, and it is £16 from the petite range. My Topshop lace top is one that I can not stop wearing and although it is pink it has hints of coral amongst it. It was £16 from, which is most definitely an incredibly convenient price from a store which can sometimes be a bit expensive. 
Patterned T-Shirt around £12 from Dorothy Perkins and I purchased it as I like the bold patterns, myself and M have seen bold patterns such as this on the runways and the lace sleeve is something a bit different. 
Shell Pink New Look Blazer – £19.99. This blazer feels very light when you are wearing it however it does provide enough warmth when it gets colder at night. 

Peplum tops are a trend that seems to have taken off this year, they are suitable for a day-time outfit as well as an evening/going out outfit and the bold floral design on this top from H&M (£12.99)  has burst of colours such as orange and hot pink amongst the deep greens and black leaf backgrounds. 
Bright beached shorts – Primark £10, I purchased these shorts as I loved the frayed edging and they are not too long on my leg which elongates my leg and makes me look taller, I also love the bright blue colour. 
What were your favourite purchases from last month? What are you Summer essentials? 
I’d love to know.
B -x 

Essie Nail Polish – Go Ginza and Mojito Madness

So, as per usual we spent ages in boots hovering around the makeup counter and stands yesterday and one of our favourite purchases was Go Ginza by Essie from their Spring 2013 collection, influenced by worldwide shopping cities.

Go Ginza has a strong pale pink pigment and took 3 full coverage coats to which the first was streaky and weak, however once you achieved the full opaque effect of the “soft cherry blossom pink” you will be ready to wear it to any event for a classic and relaxed or a sophisticated event. We also believe that this is a perfectwedding nail colour as it achieves so much yet is so delicate.

We have also managed to grab Mojito Madness from Essie’s Summer 2012 collection, it is a fabulous fresh grass green colour and only £1.99 from Fragrance Direct. Fragrance Direct is currently being “raved” about in the blogging and beauty world, if you haven’t already you guys must check it out!


Mojito’s full colour potential was reach with 2 coats and has lasted a good 4 days. It is quirky and vibrant with a brilliant gloss finish. Most definatly the best shade of Green I have purchased!

What are the beauty Items that you can’t resist when you walk past the counters? 
Have you got any Essie nail polishes? Have you seen Essie’s collection for this Summer, What do you think of it?
Let us know!
M&B x

May Haul/Favourites – M

We’ve seen a lot of bloggers do high street and monthly hauls, so we thought we may as well give it a go! We decided to show what we’re loving at the moment and although most hauls contain purely new products of the month, we want to shake things up a bit, so we’ll be including things we’ve bought but also our favourite products from May- be it old or new!

So to start us off I’ll be doing my monthly favourites (M) and B shall be doing hers in the next post!







I love lace clothing at the moment and so when I saw this particular Lemon Yellow lace top in Topshop, I couldn’t resist. Topshop items can usually be a little pricey but this was only £16 and so great for all budgets!

We’ve found that lace has appeared in the recent fashion shows and so it’s definitely making a comeback- if it ever went away that is!

The other top I currently love is from Primark- it was only £6 and so I bought it, naturally. I love these thin woolen jumpers. Although they are wool, (probably with some polyester thrown in) don’t let that stop you from buying them. Even with the weather brightening up they’re not too thick to be wearing- I probably own 3 or 4 of these material tops and they’re getting plenty of use. I also love the deep lilac purple colour.






I have also bought some new jeans this month. They are from H&M and you guys will probably soon start to  notice that I get a lot of my clothing from there. I love it. They’re of an acid wash effect and cost £30. Some of you may think this is a bit pricey, but H&M jeans are really good quality and last a long time so they’re worth it!

The shoes in this picture are also from H&M (told you so)! They are lace and for only £10 they’re an absolute bargain! They are lovely and summery and because they’re white they will pretty much go with every outfit. Perfect.




There’s quite a few beauty products that I have been loving this month, and so I decided to include them all- as you can see. (I’ll work my way from left to right.) First off is a clothbrush! So I realise it’s not exactly a beauty product, but I personally think it’s a must have to keep in your house. I primarily use it for removing animal hair before I leave the house- the downside of having pets!-  although B uses it to remove bobbles from her clothing. Either way, it does the trick and for only 99p for 5 metres, it’s most definitely worth it! 

Next is my Simple moisturiser. I’ve used this particular moisturiser every day for a good few years and I love it. It is a kind to skin, replenishing moisturiser so if you’re like me and have quite sensitive skin then its great and I highly recommend it.

My next item is a Boots Passionfruit body spray. I’ve been getting this on and off for the past couple of years, it’s a lovely summery, fresh smell and it’s only £2!

The next item is probably my absolute favourite item this month. It is Aussie Mega Shampoo and designed for daily washing. I have long, thick hair and I need to wash it everyday, so recently my hair’s condition has gone a bit downhill- until I tried this. It’s amazing and definitely worth every penny of the £4.95 I paid for it. If you wash your hair daily and are worried about product build up, give this a go, it’s so good!

Next is my new Jimmy Choo perfume! It’s pretty pricey- £58 for 60ml- but it smells amazing and lasts a decent amount of time as well! It’s definitely one of my favourite perfumes!

I’ve put The Perks of Being a Wallflower in just because it’s such a great book, and if any of you guys want some good holiday reads- this is definitely one!

I’ve got some new Sinful Colours Professional nail polish and the colours are so lovely! they all look really nice together and so they would be great for feature nails.




These four are my favourite make up items this month. I have the Benefit mascara we reviewed a few posts ago (The Benefits of Elle- check it out if you haven’t already), 17 Miracle matte powder in Natural fair (I think!), the Rosy lips Vaseline– it’s my favourite because it gives your lips a bit of colour whilst moisturising them!, and No7 Stay Perfect eyeliner in black- I love this at the moment, it’s a recent buy but I’m so glad I got it as it’s really easy to apply and it lasts a while so you don’t have to keep topping  it up throughout the day!


So there you have it! My favourites/ haul this month! Very long post for me but I had so much to talk about, so needs must!


Have you tried anything in my haul? Is there anything you’d like to try out? 

Let us know!


M x



Feature Nail – Part 2

As you can see from our previous post on feature nails, we truly are adopting this trend as one of our favourites. It shows how you as an individual can combine two colours/styles and make it your own and quite frankly we love to express ourselves and our individuality through our nail varnish choices.





For these nails we used Barry M Blue Moon as the main colour and Rimmel London Disco Ball as the feature nail. Although the names sound great and the colours are lovely and bright, the actual varnish is a bit of a pain. 

The Barry M took three coats to look opaque enough and it took forever to dry-note the slight smudges on the nails. 

The feature nails have a base coat of Blue Moon and the top coat of Disco Ball. The top coat also took three coats in order for there to be enough sparkle. The Rimmel is of a gel consistency and a day later it still moves a bit on the nail. We absolutely love the colours as they look great with both casual wear and going out outfits, but we’re slightly disappointed at the consistency of them.

If you have a lot of patience when it comes to doing your nails then we would recommend you at least try them- remember people can see these things differently to others, we all have our own opinions- but if you’re like us and just too busy to be sat down waiting for your nails to dry, then unfortunately this is not a favorite.



We have also tried Essie in Smooth Sailing as our main nail colour and Topshop in Eyes of Steel for our feature nail. We love these. The Essie took two coats and dried reasonably quickly. It is a soft navy blue colour- it actually has hints of a denim effect to it! The actual varnish is a great consistency so it dries lovely and smooth on your nails (no clumps thank god). The Topshop varnish is one of my personal favourites (M), it dries at an average speed for shimmer varnishes (they always seem to take longer to be completely dry) and the colour is  gorgeous! The main colour is purple but it shimmers so much that it looks gold and silver in certain lights as well and it lasts around a week- so not bad! 

Overall we would definitely recommend these two and even if you’re not too sure about the two colours together, they look great with other colours as well. 


What’s your favourite colours to wear and pair together? 

What colour nail polish do you feel best represents you?

Let us know!


M&B x

Our Week In Photos 1

We love to take photos throughout the week to show you guys what we have been up to, so here are our photos from this week! 

 This week we left college and our revision will unfortunately be continuing into mid-June when our exams finally end. Although our week has been jam packed we have also found time to do a bit of baking and one of us even got a kitten, Bella – how cute is she? 


 This week we have been into the trend of patterns and a pattern that we are adoring is crosses, there are many sets of jewellery that revolve around crosses, ours is from River Island and we love it!




A day trip to London was most definitely the highlight of our week and we are hoping to go back with fashion and beauty as the central focus of the trip. 

Once again a short and sweet post but we like keeping you updated. 

How has your week been? 

Have you done anything interesting, purchased a must have item?

Let us know,


M&B x

Feature Nail

With the trend of feature nails growing we thought that we would choose our feature nail to be our ring finger, and what better way to do to it than with glitter?

 Sally Hansen, advertised as:

“America’s favourite brand, now hitting UK high street stores.”

Convinced us to purchase (not that it takes a lot of convincing for us when it comes down to buying new cosmetics, to experiment with and review) some of the company’s varnishes, and we hoped they would soon be a favourite nail brand of ours!

Every girl loves glitter, right?

 We decided to team Sally Hansen – Glitz Glam 08 (£6.99) as our feature nail with No 7 – Mint Treat Jel-Look Shine (£6.00), although it looks like an aqua sea blue. 

The brush makes the polish easy to apply, however the first coat was weak and runny so make sure you allow time for it to dry before applying the second coat. With a top coat the polish doesn’t have a “shimmer” as such, however the Jel-Look does create a shine when the polish hits with light. Although we love the colour we would suggest applying at least two top coats ensuring that the polish doesn’t chip. (mine chipped after 2 day’s, just a bit disappointing! -B) 

Gem Crush Glitz Glam also was weak from the first application and the brush was too thin to cover the whole nail in one, however the polish didn’t streak and was thick enough after three coats. After drying it appeared to produce a muted sparkle and even after a top coat the texture of the nail polish is uneven and of a gravel texture.

If you were to purchase these nail varnishes to accompany a casual or going out outfit we’d advise you give the nail varnish time to dry so you have no smudges and to apply at least 2 top coats to ensure that it lasts long! 

 What do you think of having a “feature nail”?

Have your tried having a “feature nail” or a similar trend?

We’d love to hear from you,


M&B x